Formation Team


Schools may choose to present either a single dance or a medley. The time limit will be six (6) minutes, including entrance and exit. Timing will begin when the first team member steps onto the floor and will end when the last team member steps off the floor. Note: Coaches, the time restraints will be strictly enforced. Please adhere to them. If the dance goes over the time limit, competitors will be penalized.

NDCA and USA Dance rules regarding lifts will be followed. No lifts are allowed in the body of the routine only at the entrance, exit, or both. The single dance routines will be judged independently of the medleys. Please include a list of your team members with your entry.

Schools may compete with multiple teams provided the following guidelines are adhered to:

  1. These teams must be separate and distinct.
  2. They must perform separate and distinct routines.
  3. There must be no duplication of members between the teams.

If a school wants to showcase an exhibition routine, please fill out another form (i.e., exhibition) and pay an additional entry fee.

Teams may have ten (10) minutes to mark their routines in the ballroom during registration or dinner break. Schools will be accommodated on a first-come, first-serve basis. To request your time, please contact the organizer.

Note: Students participating only in the Formation Team, Team Match, or Memorial Team Match will be required to purchase an admission ticket for Saturday evening ($10) or the Weekend Pass ($20).

Please read the competition instructions before registering below. When registering, please complete the list of team members.

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2023 Desert Challenge


Fees: $40 (collegiate); $0 (youth); plus, admission fee per student who is only a team participant (i.e., Saturday evening $10 or Weekend Pass $20)

Deadline and postmark date:
Monday, April 15, 2024, 11:59PM PDT

Payable name: Desert Challenge
Note: Add “School name – Formation Team” and payment breakdown (if multiple entries)

Zelle/PayPal payment:

Check/money order payment:
2024 Desert Challenge
c/o Gail Michel-Parsons
6524 Roy Rogers Dr
Las Vegas, NV 89108